Microsoft Lync 2013 and Kemp Loadbalancers Part1 (10/5/2014) - So, we run our own Infrastructure where I work, that includes our own hosted Lync Environment. Now let me say this up front: I HATE OUTSOURCING! you never get the same quality as if you had your own environment and
Why your users matter! – Passwords OMG! (10/4/2014) - Even though you might disagree that your user are important and I agree that a lot of times they certainly don’t behave like they should be cared for, they represent the one link in your organisation you cannot control. In
Success!! Linux iTunes Server fully working! (10/4/2014) - As many people don’t have an OS X iTunes Server but plenty of CDs and ripped music (even if from questionable sources :)), My exercise was to set up an iTunes Server. I have a NAS system and a large
Making an Old HP DL380 G6 live again (9/28/2014) - If you have a chance and you are a geek and you want to run a proper server at home.. there are ways. In our case we found a nice minimum specced HP Proliant DL 380 G6. On paper,  the machine